... a multi-national platform that acquires alternative music charts throughout Europe.

The EAC gives you access to insightful information about the success of alternative music releases throughout Europe and can be used for trend and research purposes.

The idea for the EUROPEAN ALTERNATIVE CHART was developed by PLUSWELT PROMOTION, a concert, bookings and promotions agency based in Hamburg, Germany.

PLUSWELT PROMOTION focuses on the alternative music sector, is and has been booking performances for acts such as APOPTYGMA BERZERK, COMBICHRIST, DE/VISION, MESH, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and many others for over 10 years.

PLUSWELT also successfully supports and promotes numerous releases from a variety of artists. PLUSWELT is extensively connected throughout Europe through years of touring and promotional activities.

The charts are arranged by votes from a pool consisting of selected DJs and other representatives of the music industry from all over Europe.

Every week voters can choose their own Top 10 of all new or current releases in the alternative genre.

The system is able to add new alternative music releases to the database, which keeps the list updated.

Become part of the voter pool and vote your favorite artists to the top of the chart. If you are interested participating in voting for the charts, please register with all of your contact information and wait for approval.

The EAC will be automatically generated and made available.